Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I guess even princesses get their hands dirty once in awhile...

I really love my job. No really, like I LOVE my job. It allows me to flex my creative muscles, interact with influential people in the community, and go to fun events. I get to do a variety of things that I may not have gotten the opportunity to do in the corporate world, my boss stays out of my business professionally and personally, and though my wage sucks, my healthcare benefits and vacation time are above and beyond sufficient.

There is one major bummer that comes with my job - the dump. Yes. You heard me. Twice a year, myself and the two other marketing girls clean out our storage room and everything must go to the EDCO up the street (we're green, we recycle).

I mean, as far as a day at the dump goes, it could be worse. We get to be out of the office for the whole day, wear comfy clothes and take a long lunch. But it's gross! It makes me feel less like a princess and more like a...garbage man. I mean seriously, how many times have YOU been to the dump?? In the past four years my number of dump trips has steadily increased from 0 to 8!

At least it gives me an excuse to put on one of the tiaras we keep around the house and pour a Monday night cocktail. Ya know, other than the fact that it's Monday.

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